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Parosphère Formation Training Session
using Spheno Id 3D printed models

Carestream/Swissmeda Smop guide system - Video 

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Biomimetic Bone and Soft Tissue Models icon
Biomimetic Bone and Soft Tissue Models

Hyper-realistic, 3D printed bone models for surgery training and surgery demonstrators.

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AR / VR /Video
Courses & Content

Immersive content for university medical training and anatomy education.

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Bespoke solutions including 3D content and 3D printed models.

What customers say about us

Dr. Bernard Cannas

Spheno id  helped us to replace cadaver for surgery training with realistic biomimetic mandibula and maxilla bones and gum. The quality is extraordinary, it feels and sounds like working on real patients. 

Dr Bernard Cannas
Sapo Implant

Spheno Id simulation models offer the flexibility to train for any type of issue that may arise after a surgery, and prepare surgeons to deliver the best response to any cases they will face in their practice. Spheno Id makes our Workshop exceptional!

Parosphere Formation
Sepehr Zarrine

Spheno Id has been my partner since 2010.
This tight knit crew has always been crucial for my professional development as a speaker with fantastic animations and with realistic workshop models for my advanced courses.

Dr Sepehr Zarrine
SurgyTech Studies
Dr Thierry Gorce

The 3D films and especially the designs and realizations of 3D models of the hyoid bone, of its musculo-ligamentary insertions, of its relationship with the tongue... are of such a quality that students can easily visualize, by manipulating, the complexity of the region, which is very difficult to understand classically..

Dr Thierry Gorce
Lecturer at the CES of Anatomy of the Faculty of Ondotology of Paris Cité
Dr Damien Lochon

Having Spheno Id Models to train and prepare before zygomatic implant surgery is invaluable and contributes to  a successful outcome.

Dr Damien Lochon 
Zygomatic implant surgeon
Sapo Clinique

Spheno Id has created perfect 3D models of oral surgery from clinical cases. Our students can practice in the best conditions, the different surgical and periodontal indications, making a link, now indispensable, between the dissection subjects and the human clinic.

Dr Thierry Gorce
Sapo Clinique

Value Proposition 


Biomimetic Bone and Soft Tissue Models icon

Realistic biomimetic

An alternative to human or animal cadaver that allows any participant to work on the exact same model. An haptic way to learn.

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Our knowledge in anatomy 3d design and technologies allows us to create didactic and realistic inovative content: 3D Images 3D Print AR/VR apps.

Bespoke services

The surgery training demand is increasing
as the number of training courses...
We help you to make the difference Proposing unique bespoke biomimetic Models adapted to all your requirements. 

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Sapo Implant
Sapo Clinique
Académie de Chirurgie Guidée
4 Your Smile
European Dental School

Med Tech and Congresses

Geistlich Pharma
ADF Congress
International Team for Implantology
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Our story

Founded in 2016 by Omar Bouhelal Schirmer, Spheno Id is today the market leader in France for biomimetic 3D printed bone models for maxillo-facial applications. Leveraging 20+ years of experience, Spheno Id has expanded its offering to Augmented and Virtual Reality content and applications to empower the next generation of highly specialised surgeons. 

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